Tuesday, June 7, 2016

My Blog Overture

Well, here you are! Welcome, and come on in!

To get us going, I want to first share the purpose for why this blog was created:

  1. I'm a teacher, it's summer break, and my wife and I are waiting around for the next 5 weeks or so until our baby gurl comes into the world (woohoo!), so I've got some time to kill.
  2. I want to get to know more major choral works, and I don't feel like I know that many, honestly.
  3. I have fun writing my thoughts down, so hopefully this will give me some motivation to listen to beautiful music and put my ideas to paper (or word processor).
Here are some of the musical works that have come to my mind so far as I've thought about doing this. This is certainly not an exhaustive list , so let me know if there are other works I should consider!
  • Liszt: Missa Choralis
  • Chilcott: Requiem
  • Rachmaninov: The Bells
  • Beethoven: Missa Solemnis
  • Rachmaninov: All-Night Vigil
  • Bruckner: Mass No. 2 in E minor
  • Walton: Belshazzar’s Feast
  • Bach: Mass in B minor
  • Bach: St. Matthew Passion
  • Bach: Lots of cantatas
  • Haydn: Lots of masses
  • Delius: Sea Drift
  • Barnett: The Building of the Ship
  • Mendelssohn: St. Paul
  • Dvorak: Mass in D
  • Handel: Samson
  • Handel: Zadok the Priest
  • Handel: Solomon
  • Handel: Judas Maccabaeus
  • Handel: La Resurrezione
As I'll end all of my posts: Thanks.

1 comment:

  1. Please add:

    Vaughan Williams: Dona Nobis Pacem
    Britten: War Requiem
    Verdi: Requiem

    Thank you.